Shaolin kung fu performance staged in Palestine

RAMALLAH,BritaBrita.com — World renowned Shaolin Kung Fu Monk Corps group performed Sunday night in West Bank city of Ramallah on the occasion of celebrating Chinese New Year with Palestinians.


In 15 short performances, the group shed light on the traditional Chinese martial arts that reflect discipline, respect and harmony, values that are echoed in the Palestinian society.

Deputy Director of the Chinese Office in Palestine Jin Ying said this performance celebrates the joint history between Palestine and China and the brotherly ties shared in the upcoming Spring Festival. “We are very happy to present the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu show from China to Palestine, because this group is one of the highest levels of Chinese Kung Fu, representing Chinese culture and philosophy, which is manifested in peace and harmony,” Jin told Xinhua as reported by Republika Online.

The performance often triggered loud applause by the audience who were impressed by the abilities of the performers and the authentic Shaolin Kung Fu.

Palestinians praised the harmony created in the performance and told Xinhua that they respect the Chinese culture.

Haneen Abu Baker, who attended the performance, said that she personally is attracted to the Chinese culture and adopt parts of it in her daily life. “I visited China three years ago and I am one of the fans of the Chinese culture,” she said.

Shaolin Kung Fu is a complex art taught mainly by oral formulas handed down from generation to generation. In history, recognition of inheritors of Shaolin Kung Fu was based on a patriarchal clan system of Shaolin temple.

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