Central govt’s debts reach Rp3,649.75 trillion

JAKARTA,BritaBrita.com — The central government’s debts reached Rp3,649.75 trillion as of March 2017, up Rp60.63 trillion from a month earlier, according to the Finance Ministry.


The debts came from state securities worth Rp2,912.84 trillion, or 79.8 percent, and loans worth Rp736.91 trillion, or 20.2 percent, the ministry’s directorate general of financing and risk management said in a press statement released.

Compared to Feb 2017, the debts increased Rp60.67 trillion, resulting from the issuance of net state securities worth Rp64.04 trillion and a decline in net loans worth Rp3.41 trillion.

The additional debts in the year till March 2017 reached Rp138.60 trillion, comprising Rp132.33 trillion from the issuance of state securities and Rp6.37 trillion from new loans.

Meanwhile, debt repayments in the year ended March 2017 reached Rp84.13 trillion, consisting of mature debt principal worth Rp51.36 trillion and interest worth Rp32.77 trillion.

The indicator of debt risk in March 2017 showed that the ratio of debts to variable rate is 12 percent of the total debts.

In terms of exchange rate risk, the ratio of foreign currency debts to the total debts is 42 percent.

In addition as reported by Republika.co.id, the average time to maturity reached nine years, with the debts due in five years accounting for 36.6 percent of the total outstanding debts.

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