BI Investigates Suspected Hacking at Mandiri Online

JAKARTA,BritaBrita.com– Bank Indonesia (BI) deputy governor Sugeng talked to managers of state-owned Bank Mandiri following problems found in the Mandiri Online application last week. BI asked Mandiri to provide a thorough report about the incident, to see if the problem was not caused by hackers.


Last weekend, the Mandiri Online application had to be shut down because of several problems. Bank Mandiri corporate secretary Rohan Hafas said the problem was caused by a corrupt system, affecting customers’ funds.

The corrupt system created a false transaction, making it seem like customers’ withdrew their savings. As a result, affected customers saw that the balance of their savings changed.

Rohan said the system is now back to normal and customers’ lost funds have been returned.

“We will follow up on the matter, and investigate it together with Bank Mandiri,” Sugeng said as reported by Tempo.co.

Sugeng said that Bank Mandiri and BI have started investigating why the Mandiri Online application, which was just launched in March, showed problems.

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