Palindo to finish construction of 5 navigation ships

JAKARTA,BritaBrita.com — Palindo Marine said it would finish the work to put into operation five first class navigation ships for the Transport Ministry in October this year.

Navigation ship (Illustration)
Navigation ship (Illustration)

“Construction has been finished. It will need only minor work and trial operation,” says Harmanto, the chief executive of PT Palindo, which won the tender for the construction in 2015 to be finished this year.

Harmanto said the work yet to be finished is interior furnishing and installation of navigation equipment.

He said his company employed around 150 workers to build each of the five ships, which cost around Rp125 billion each.

Bambang Wiyanto, the Navigation Director at the Directorate General of Sea Transport said the Navigation Directorate still need additional navigation ships.

Bambang said the directorate needs 103 navigation ships for operation all over the country , but currently it has only 63 units.

“But we already have 20 new ships to replace old ones bringing the total to 83 ships . That means we still need 20 more units,” he said as reported by Republika.co.id.

He said the construction of the 20 ships put into tender in 2015 included the five five unit built by PT Palindo Marine, all to be operational in 2017.

The five units built by PT Palindo Marine are 60 meters long, 12 meters wide with a speed of 15 knots.

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