Bank OCBC NISP Membuka Lowongan Kerja Terbaru

JAKARTA,BritaBrita.com-Bank OCBC NISP (previously known as Bank NISP) is the fourth oldest bank in Indonesia, established on April 4, 1941 in Bandung under the name NV Nederlandsch Indische Spaar En Deposito Bank.
Bank OCBC NISP has since evolved into a solid and reliable bank, catering mainly to the small and medium enterprise segment. It officially became a commercial bank in 1967, a licensed foreign exchange bank in 1990, and a publicly listed bank on the Indonesian Stock Exchange in 1994.
In the late nineties, Bank OCBC NISP successfully weathered the Asian financial crisis and subsequent collapse of the banking sector in Indonesia, without any government support. In fact, Bank OCBC NISP became one of the first few banks to resume lending during the crisis. OCBC Bank – Singapore, has become a controlling shareholder since 2005 and currently owns 85.1% stake in Bank OCBC NISP.
With the support from OCBC Bank – Singapore, Bank OCBC NISP has set dynamic programs to enhance its infrastructure, including human resources, information technology and branch network with the presence of 337 offices supported with around 7.000 employees across Indonesia. Now, opening job vacancy as :
Secured Loan Officer (Deadline : 23 Juni 2017)
Fixed Asset Maintenance Manager (Deadline :22 Juni 2017)
Emerging Bussiness RM (Deadline : 22 Juni 2017)
Operational Risk Assesment (Deadline : 19 Juni 2017)
Policy – Procedure Officer (Deadline : 18 Juni 2017)
Legal Advisor Officer (Deadline : 15 Juni 2017)
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