Perppu on mass organizations effective until DPR decides otherwise: JK

PADANG,BritaBrita.com — Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) said the Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) on mass organizations is effective even if the House of Representatives (DPR) has not given its approval.

“Legally it is effective once it is announced  and it would be effective until the DPR decides otherwise,” Kalla said at the Minangkabau International Airport of Padang, West Sumatra.

The Perppu was issued following the government decision to dissolve Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI), an Islamic organization seeking to establish Caliphate administration in Indonesia against the state constitution.

The government has sent a copy of the Perppu to the DPR after it was publicly announced on Wednesday by Coordinating Minister for Law, Security and Political Affairs Wiranto.

Kalla said in line with the regulation, the government has announced that it had issued the Perppu, but its utilization by the government depends on condition.

“Whether there is an organization considered to have violated the law, and whether the government has evidence of the allegation,” he said.

After issuing the Perppu, the government through the Home Affairs Ministry and Law and Human Rights Ministry would make verification of the mass organization that reached a total number of 344,039 in Indonesia.

Based on the Perppu No 2 of 2017, the two ministries have the right to cancel the license of the mass organization if found to adopt an ideology contrary to the state ideology Pancasila.

A mass organization in Indonesia is required to adopt the four pillars of the nation – Pancasila, Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia, the 1945 Constitution and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (United in Diversity).

The issuance of the Perppu has drawn strong reactions from a number of politicians and law experts saying Jokowi (President Joko Widodo) “has taken a fatal step leading the country to a dark era.”

Strong criticism came from outspoken deputy house speaker Fahri Hamzah and leading lawyer Yusril Ihza Mahendra.

Fahri Hamzah said Jokowi did not understand the spirit behind the emergence of the Law on Mass Organization, which was replaced by the President with Perppu No. 2 of 2017.

He said the Law No. 17 of 2013 was issued to prevent the return to authoritarian government of New Order, which was repressive and against freedom to express opinions.

He said Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla regime did not understand the spirit of reformation, adding, “This is the most fatal. Jokowi wants to bring back the nation to the authoritarian era before the reformation.”

He said he would fight to the death against Perppu that it would not be passed into law  as it is a treachery to the reformation.

Meanwhile HTI’s lawyer Yusril said in the history of the country there had not been law criminalizing members of mass organization for being not in line with Pancasila,”excepting under the government of President Jokowi.”

He warned that HTI is no longer the only target of the Perppu, but it could be used against other mass organizations.

Meanwhile political observer from he University of Pelita Harapan Emrus Sihombing said the controversy over Perppu on Mass Organizations would not hurt the popularity of Jokowi.

“Jokowi is still unrivalled. No one including Prabowo Subianto of Gerindra could not stand against Jokowi in electability,” Emrus said as reported by Republika.co.id.

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