Konawe Selatan urges sugar investor to build factories

KONAWE SELATAN,BritaBrita.com – The District administration of Konawe Selatan, Southeast Sulawesi, urged sugar investors to implement their projects in that District.

“It is a long time since they first promised to build sugar factories but until now there has been no signs that the plan is about to come to reality,” Konawe Selatan district administration secretary Sjarif Sajang here said.

Sjarif said the investors promising to build the factories and already having land for sugar plantation in the district include PT Tiran Sulawesi, PT Kilau Indah Cemerlang, PT Marketing Selaras and state-owned plantation company PTPN XIV.

“The companies have promised to build sugar factory in Konawe Selatan, but realization is not forthcoming,” he said, adding the lands remain idle.

He said the local people have long expected to see a sugar factory operating in the district that would open new jobs.

The district administration has made available thousands of hectares of lands but after years the lands remain idle, he said as reported by Republika.co.id.

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