Tjahjo Kumolo encourages politician to pitch ideas

BritaBrita.com,BALI— Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo has encouraged politicians to pitch their concepts and ideas to build the nation and state through an effective and efficient presidential government system.

“Let us pitch our concepts and ideas to ably develop our nation in an effective and efficient presidential government system,” the minister noted at the Hanura Party Leadership Meeting.

Kumolo said this holds relevance especially at a time when some politicians have recently made statements that had created ripples in the political atmosphere.


Earlier, Vice Chairman of the Gerindra Party Arief Puyono made a statement in which he compared the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle with the Indonesian Communist Party, and the Nasdem Central Executive Board Chairman Victor Bungtilu Laiskodat who stated that Gerindra, PAN, Democrat, and PKS supported the system of “khilafah” and were intolerant.

As reported by Republika.co.id, Kumolo said politicians should not spread hatred and slander and make unfounded allegations, such as linking a political party with the Indonesian Communist Party.

According to Kumolo, such statements are a violation of the law since there are rules that regulate the matter of slander and the spread of such hatred.

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